Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is the most romantic holiday of the year. It is an important day of the year when couples devote their time to showering each other with sweet words, delectable dinners, chocolates and flowers. It is the holiday of love.

Valentine’s Day can be a bit over commercialized, most true romantics don’t let that bother them. It is a day for couples to reflect on their relationship and remember why they fell in love. This makes Valentine’s Day the PERFECT day for a wedding.

I’ve thought of a few different options and ideas for a Valentine’s Day wedding and listed them below. Let me know what you think in the comments after you sift through!


If you decide to have your wedding on Valentine’s day odds are your colors will more than likely include some shade of red. Naturally, it is everyone’s first inclination to pick red for a Valentine’s day wedding, but why not try something different and out of the norm? What about purples and pinks? Or even light peach, pink, and cream colors for a delicate and softer look? One popular item trending this year for weddings is lace. Consider pairing lace with these light pink and cream colors for that extra fancy feel. Lace is a great detail to use not only because of how pretty it looks as decor, but also because there are so many different types of lace and you can buy it in large amounts for a really good price! Here’s a good site to check out for some lace by the yard.




Valentine’s day is a fairly easy theme to use for a wedding because there are many options one can choose from. You could decide to go really over the top “Valentine’s Themed” by making everything red; using red hearts everywhere from confetti on the tables, to heart balloons all over your venue, down to having roses and rose petals all over the place. You could also go with the more delicate look I just mentioned; choosing a light pink and cream as your colors, decorating with lace, using crystal glasses and flatware or even crystal centerpieces. And don’t forget those adorable little cherubs. You can definitely find some Valentine’s decorations at your nearest party supply store or even online at amazon for reasonable prices. (Maybe even cheaper than some of the wedding supply websites.)




To stick with a more romantic theme, consider adorning the tables of your reception hall with small boxes of truffles for your guests to take home as gifts. If truffles are too expensive, you could get one box for the whole table to enjoy. Sweetheart candy boxes would make a fun and fairly cheap gift to leave out for your guests. You could personalize these by addressing them to each guest and by including you and your husband’s name and the date of the wedding. And, if you decide to assign seats for the reception, why not use the sweetheart candy boxes as a fun way for people to identify their assigned seats?!

Sweetheart Candy

As for your wedding cake, I suggest red velvet! Especially if you are going with the mainly red theme. It looks both beautiful and tastes delicious. And if you really want to follow your color themes to the t, go with some rose for your champagne toast.




I think we all know where I’m going with this one. Of course I am going to suggest roses; the ultimate romance flowers. If you are sticking with the romantic theme, having long stem red roses at your wedding could be key. But if you want something a little different why not try carnations? You can dye them just about any color you want and they are definitely a little easier on the wallet than roses. But if you do decide on roses and a romantic theme, cascading flowers are another popular trend right now, and would look extremely elegant.



Would you ever have your wedding on Valentine’s Day? If so, what kind of colors and decorations would you choose?

2013 Wedding Trends

Every bride dreams of having the most amazing wedding ever, one that will leave her guests feeling both impressed and delighted. It’s that fairy tale wedding that she’s been dreaming about since she was a little girl. Every bride-to-be also worries that her wedding won’t be unique or stand out. As a result, these women think up new and crazy details for their weddings each year to top the previous year of bridal trends.  I did a little research on the 2013 trends and I’m really excited to share my results with you. I found results both from top wedding blogs as well as a few major Bridal websites.

Roaring Twenties

The Roaring Twenties will be a popular wedding theme in 2013 and it is a trend being seen all over the red carpet right now. The Spring release of The Great Gatsby and popular series Downtown Abbey are both inspiration for wedding fashion and wedding themes.

Getty Images

Source: Getty Images

What inspires women to host a Roaring Twenties themed wedding? The 1920’s were a fascinating time! It was the age of jazz, prohibition, and organized crime! More importantly it’s a fun and daring theme that makes a lasting impression. Can you think of the last time you got to step back in time while attending a wedding?

Neutral Tones

Brides are toning it down in the color department this year choosing more earthy and neutral colors. We’ll see more taupe, gray, and blush being used this season. The ‘less is more’ belief is being presented with these beautiful taupe and blush themed weddings.


Neutral tones can also really accentuate how beautiful the venue is, especially if the bride matched the bridesmaid dresses to the naturally and readily available flowers blooming at the venue. Imagine how pretty it would look to have blush colored bridesmaid dresses with beautiful pink rose bushes in the background. Or even taupe colored bridesmaid dresses in a courtyard or garden setting. Neutral tones look beautiful in nature.

Source: Katie Neal


Stemming from the whole Roaring Twenties theme, vintage and elegance are both on the forefront of wedding trends for 2013. Long gowns and black tie affairs will become the norm this year. As a result, lace will also be making a comeback and not just in the wedding gowns. Lace will be seen on dresses, invitations, cakes, and as decoration to create a simply beautiful and classic look. More sophisticated looks will lead to a more classy soiree overall. They lead to more crystal and glass decor on the tables, more cascading bouquets of flowers, and even some recycled vintage wedding attire.



Food Bars

This is one of my personal favorites of all the trends and I think it really does do a great job of setting your wedding apart from the others. I’ve seen them done in so many different ways and I really look forward to designing one of my own at my wedding some day. Some couples go with mini-treats and sweets such as tiny cupcakes and mini pies, and some go with cute salty snacks like a potato bar loaded with french fries, potato chips, and sweet potato fries. Depending on the theme of the wedding, some couples will even chose to have a candy bar set up. The possibilities are endless with this idea which is why I love it so much. Here is a list of the Top 15 best Wedding Food Bars I found while perusing the internet for ideas.



What trends will you try out at your wedding this year? Will you go with big flashy details or stick with the neutral toned down feel? Share your ideas and thoughts with me in the comments below!!