Alfred Angelo

I recently went to try on wedding dresses for the first time with my sister and I had an absolute blast! I want to share the details of my experience with you all because my first time at David’s Bridal with Jessi was not nearly as wonderful as this one.

First of all, I think my experience at the Alfred Angelo store was different in part because of the day of week we went. (Monday) When Jessi and I went to try on dresses we went on a Saturday, and that David’s Bridal was crowded from wall to wall! Not only were all of the consultants busy with brides, but the majority of the brides also had not just one person with them but an entire entourage! There was hardly any standing room and that was a pretty big David’s Bridal. I definitely suggest finding time to take the afternoon off during the week to go if you can. It was really nice to have the entire store to ourselves while shopping.


White Compared to Ivory

Alicia and I went to the Alfred Angelo Bridal in Danvers, Mass because I have been dying to check out some Alfred Angelo dresses in person. Ever since I got engaged I have been obsessing about the dress! If you’ve been following my blog you probably already know this about me. I’ve mentioned before that I want to be a princess on my wedding day and that I had been eyeballing that Disney Fairy Tale Bridal Collection and that the original Cinderella dress was my favorite. But I’ve definitely changed my mind since I finally got the chance to go try some dresses on.


Pointing out the detail on the train

First, I have to say that the consultant we worked with was just fabulous. She figured out pretty quickly from listening to my sister and I that I was just in town visiting and not really looking to buy anything just yet. Despite the fact that she had just learned she wasn’t getting a sale out of us, and that we were just there to try stuff on, she was still extremely helpful and friendly. I was preparing for the worst and expecting that she would be disappointed and no longer willing to even be friendly, but I was more than wrong. She took the time to listen to me describe what I was looking for, find a few good examples of what I described, help me in and out of each dress, and even pulled some tiaras, veils, and belts out to accessorize and give me a vision of what the finished product would look like.

I tried on about five or six different dresses, and at least three different styles. It was one of the last dresses that I tried on that really took my breath away. It had everything I described to Marcia (form-fitting, lots of sparkle, a little lace), but looked nothing like what I had originally envisioned wearing on my wedding day. That being said, I am obsessed with it.

I highly suggest getting a good idea of what you want in a dress before you go shopping. If you don’t know it may be harder to figure it out if you’re on the spot looking than it otherwise would be in the comfort of your own home while perusing the internet. Knowing what I wanted and being able to tell my consultant made her job that much easier. In fact, it didn’t take her very long after I told her what I wanted for her to find something I fell in love with.

I also recommend trying on accessories, even if you don’t think you want them. I went in to the store thinking I knew exactly what I wanted and thought I had firmly decided not to use a belt. But after trying on a few things, and discovering that the original dress style I wanted didn’t look great on me at all, I realized I needed to be open to the idea of trying different things.

Remember to bring a strapless bra and heels with you when you go to try on dresses. Having your own undergarments is helpful if you are someone who is anxious about stripping down in front of strangers. (Which you will definitely have to do because the consultants are the ones helping brides in and out of dresses.) And while you will usually have the opportunity to use bras or shoes that are being sold in the store, some smaller stores may not have shoes or undergarments to offer.

THE Dress

THE Dress

Overall, it was an extremely pleasant dress shopping experience and I firmly recommend this store to any women in and around the Danvers, Massachusetts area! The consultant who helped us, Marcia, even wrote down all the item numbers of the dress, veil, and belt I picked out while I was there, so I can easily find them  online or through another store location later on. Of course she is hoping I will come back and buy from her, but I can’t really make that decision right now. However, one thing that is definitely swaying my decision towards buying through Alfred Angelo specifically is that when you buy your Bridal gown through them, they offer a discount on your bridesmaid dresses as well as the mother of the bride and mother of the grooms dresses!

Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog is based on personal experiences and opinion. This post was not sponsored or paid for in any way by Alfred Angelo or David’s Bridal.