Have a Fabulous 4th!

Independence Day, commonly known as The Fourth of July, is a day of celebration. It is the celebration of Independence and Freedom. For many, it is celebrating that summer has finally arrived! Being a Federal holiday most businesses and places of employment are closed giving many the day off. But what to do with your day off, and how should you go about celebrating?

If you’re stumped and not sure where to go or what to do, I’ve thought of a few things that might help!

Host A Better Backyard Cookout

If you want to celebrate but don’t feel like going too far from home to have fun, throw a little get together at your place! There are tons of great things you can do to feel like you’ve thrown a huge party while still keeping within your limits of a small get together.


If you are not one of the lucky people who have a big beautiful in-ground pool in their backyard, spring for something cheaper but still fun! Tons of stores are selling pools this time of year and there seems to be many different sizes you can choose from. I recently picked one up for my back yard, and it’s great to sit in and sun bathe. It’s actually big enough that four adults can sit in it and enjoy the sun while still cooling off.

If it’s a really hot day and your friends don’t mind getting their outfits wet, you could even throw water balloons and squirt guns in the pool to make for a more interesting afternoon. You could even take your dedication to your 4th theme to the next level by only using red, white and blue balloons.

One small touch that will leave a lasting impression is supplying everyone with sparklers. It makes it feel more like the Fourth of July and less of just a summer cookout. You can find them for cheap at your local dollar store.

Holiday Themed Food

If you really want to impress your guests and have the time and money to make some food items, offer red, white and blue appetizers and desserts! You could bake a white cake/pound cake/angel food cake and top it with white icing, blueberries and strawberries.FOURTH-OF-JULY-DESSERTS-large300 (I know you’ve seen this on the cover of food magazines around this time of year.) For an appetizer you could serve blue corn chips with salsa and shredded white cheddar cheese. Or, if you’re just not really into the themed food items, you can stick with the basic beers, burgers and hotdogs. Either way, I’m sure your hungry guests will be happy.

If you want to have lots of food options but can’t afford to spend that much on food, go pot-luck! Ask each of your guests to bring one food item. If you want variety though, be sure to have your guests check in with you before hand to ensure that too many people don’t bring the same item, and encourages people to look forward to bringing their favorite dish. This can quickly turn a party into an annual event!

Check Your Local Listings

If you would rather go out to celebrate the Fourth but just aren’t sure what your options are, check your local listings. Most newspapers, or these days news websites, will have a list of free activities you and your family can do. Most cities and towns throw their own local celebrations and typically end the night with a small fireworks display.


If you are in Raleigh and have the day off ABC11 is presenting “The Works; Fourth of July on Fayetteville Street” and it looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun. There’s going to be street vendors, kids games and rides and all sorts of other fun things. Check out the website for more information.