Fabulous Wedding Trends for 2014

I’ve been meaning to write for months now, but I’ve been a busy bee lately with school, work, and extra curricular activities. So finally to end to your anticipation, my first post of 2014.

There are so many fabulous wedding trends this year that I just can’t pick one favorite. Of course, some are continuations of the trends from last year, but they are all a move in the direction of romantic, lush, classy weddings, and I absolutely approve. Here’s a few of my favorite fabulous wedding trends for this year:


Pink started making its comeback around the beginning of 2013, but it has really arrived now and is being used more and more, in wedding gowns and as a main color scheme. Most people don’t approve of colored wedding dresses, but for some reason those have become more and more popular over the last few years too! Remember Jessica Biel’s dress?



Fun Foods

While many couples are still really excited about candy-bars, and some couples are even upgrading to other more creative tables like Mimosa-bars and Tater-bars, food just keeps getting bigger and crazier. Some couples are now deciding to offer late-night snacks and food trucks to their guests. Family style food options are also making an appearance this year and proving to be a big hit!late-night-snacks

Extravagant Cakes

Though it seemed like cakes went on sabbatical for a bit, they are coming back and they are coming back BIG! For the last few years all anyone wanted at their wedding was cupcakes, well while they have not completely died off, cupcakes are not center stage anymore. Cakes, especially the tall classic tiered cakes are as popular as ever this year. Here’s 101 pictures of some amazing cakes from BridalGuide.com to inspire you.


Cake by Chef Megan Campbell

Return to Romance

It has certainly been a popular trend over the last few years to have more relaxed and even smaller weddings in the family’s backyard, but with the influence of movies like “The Great Gatsby” couples are now leaning more towards big band and romance . We’ll be seeing lush flower bouquets, fancy ball-gown dresses, long white gloves, gold-rimmed china and crystal center pieces.

Which trends will you use at your wedding? Or will you be a leader and set some new trends of your own? Do you have a favorite popular trend?  Let me know in the comments section. I’d love to hear what my readers favorites are!