Cary & North Raleigh Florist – Vendor Spotlight

Beautiful Bridal Party Bouquets

While I’m waiting for images from the Fall weddings I’ve worked since the beginning of September, I thought I’d add a little more fresh reading to the blog!
This post is about one of my newest preferred vendors; Cary Florist and North Raleigh Florist. Both Cary Florist and Raleigh Florist are owned by the same person, Janice Cutler. Learning about how Janice became a florist, and reading her tips, has been very helpful to me and especially to my wedding coordination clients.



The Initial Meeting

I met a rep from The North Raleigh Florist back in April at a networking event. I decided to stop by an ILEA educational meeting, formerly ISES, to see speaker Dan Berger from Social Tables. The event proved to be not only educational, but also very beneficial to me. There was socializing and networking for the first hour of the meeting, as well as some drinking and snacking of course, and during that time is when I was lucky enough to meet the girl from North Raleigh Florist. We chatted a bit, learned of each others occupations, and exchanged cards. What I didn’t know then was how handy it would be to me later, to have that business card in my possession.


Pink and white flowers circle around lantern centerpiece Business Transaction

In the planning of my Bridal Pamper Party this Summer, I knew I wanted to have an educational workshop to offer my brides in attendance. Having recently coordinated plenty of DIY weddings, I knew that one of the many things brides all over are trying to do on their own is flowers. Knowing this, I decided to reach out to that contact I met in April from The North Raleigh Florist. By doing a quick online search, I learned that their sister store, Cary Florist frequently hosted floral educational classes. Luckily, I was able to get in touch with the owner of both stores who said she’d be happy to send someone to my place after hours to host a floral workshop.

The party ended up being a real hit with my brides, I even ended up booking a wedding from hosting the event so I’d say that it was definitely a success. Since that has come and gone, I have been referring a lot of my brides to this florist because Janice made it clear during her workshop that she knows what she’s doing. I asked her to answer a few questions for my blog audience and below you’ll see her responses.

Vendor Spotlight – Janice Cutler

Business Name: North Raleigh Florist/ Cary Florist

Your Name: Janice Cutler

Web Address: &

Business Category: Florist

How long have you been in business?: 9 years as North Raleigh Florist; 6 years as Montgomery’s Florist in the 1990’s

What got you started in this business?: Career change to Horticulture in 1995. Found my passion when I moved to NC from NY in 1991 and learned all I could about plants and flowers until I returned to school in 1994 at NC State. I worked at a local nursery and then the florist. I never looked back.

What’s the best tip you have for a couple planning a wedding?: Do your research about knowing when you MUST hire a professional. Be careful not to overbook your time the last 2 weeks before with DIY projects for the wedding.

Simple Sunflower and Summer Centerpiece What don’t couples know about your business category that they should know?: Flowers do not have to cost a fortune. A professional florist can guide you on the best items for your budget—even the best DIY floral projects to take on, as well as the ones to stay away from. Having a budget range for florals will actually help you pinpoint with your florist what is best for your event. Don’t be afraid to throw out a number. Florists shooting in the dark will often overestimate what you may be looking for if there is a lack of information, thereby wasting your time and theirs. Be upfront and you will get the info you are needing to make an educated decision. A good florist will be honest and work with the money you actually have to spend. A good florist knows how to make the most of your budget and make it look beautiful and professionally-done.

Are there any questions your non-wedding clients should be asking that they don’t know to ask?: Can I rent the containers? Can I save money by purchasing my own containers?

What’s the most unique/different wedding or event you ever did and why?: A backyard wedding where we were asked to hang swags of flowers in the porta potties

What was the most memorable wedding you ever worked, and why?: The wedding I delivered 2 days after Hurricane Fran in 1996. The Raleigh area was in a shambles, streets were closed, trees were on houses and no one had power and bottled water was scarce. It was incredibly hot and humid—even for Raleigh. It was September. We worked on the wedding by candlelightIron Handrail Floral Decoration all night the day after the hurricane came through. We had to chain-saw our way out of our house in Youngsville and finally made it in to Raleigh some time that afternoon to get started on the wedding. We worked through the night to get it done, using a generator hooked up to our small display cooler to keep the flowers cool. My husband walked at least ¼ mile with some of the flowers to the house where they were getting ready, since there were so many trees down, his car couldn’t drive up to the house. We made it to the church about 30 minutes before the bride walked down the aisle and handed her bouquet to her and placed the flowers on the altar. Streets were closed and we couldn
’t seem to figure out the best route to go. We made it there, but she was less than pleased about the timing. We did the best we could. She received everything she ordered, but I will never forget how stressful it was and how many obstacles there were, not even mentioned here. I hope we never have to endure that again.


Thank You, Janice

I just wanted to say Thank You again to Janice for participating in my Bridal Pamper Party! I am so glad I went to that networking event in the Spring and to have had the opportunity to hire Cary Florist. My brides loved getting to see Janice create beautiful bridal bouquets. Janice was so helpful in answering their questions following her demonstration and I look forward to hiring Janice and her team to come lead more hands on floral demos in the future!

Janice Cutler, the owner of North Raleigh Florist, ran a DIY Floral bouquet workshop for the brides and other ladies who attended the Bridal Pamper Party. She also led a Q&A session with the ladies after she finished her demo.

Janice Cutler, the owner of North Raleigh Florist, ran a DIY Floral bouquet workshop for the brides and other ladies who attended the Bridal Pamper Party. She also led a Q&A session with the ladies after she finished her demo.

Bridal Pamper Party hosted by Christine

Wedding Season

It’s been a little quiet on the blog this month, because I’ve been busy with Fall Weddings! If you’ve followed me for a while, you’re probably aware of my obsession with the Fall. Like most women my age, I love all things Fall, the beautiful colors of the leaves, the smells, and the flavors. I was of course married in the Fall, and our one year anniversary is next Monday!

Anyways, this post isn’t about the Fall, or Fall weddings, sadly. I’m writing this post to tell you all about that Pamper Party I hosted back in July. It was a crazy fast Summer, but we had tons of fun at my Pamper Party.

The Idea – Pamper Party

With my Summer not being as fully booked with events as my Fall, I had some time to fill. I knew I wanted to host some kind of Summer event this year, but was too late to do anything for the 4th. In addition to having some free time I needed to fill, over the course of this past year I’ve met and worked with several vendors that I wanted to introduce to my brides. After getting a much needed mani/pedi with my friend, Lauren, I rolled a few ideas around. I decided to host a type of client appreciation event for my brides and their friends. In addition to asking my brides to come get pampered for the night, I hired a variety of vendors to provide some education, and of course entertainment for the event!

Local Vendors



Janice leading the floral workshop

To start the night out with something educational for my brides, I asked Janice the owner and operator of North Raleigh Florist & Cary Florist, to lead a floral workshop. Janice taught my attendees how to make their own wedding bouquets! Her 45 minute tutorial, followed by a 15 minute Q&A session for my attendees, was VERY well received. Overall, I believe it probably encouraged the ladies to reach out to a florist when I came time to make their own bouquets. Janice did a great job both teaching the ladies, as well as answering their questions. One of my brides did end up hiring Cary Florist for her April wedding next year, and I can’t wait to work with them!


Rodan + Fields Rep

In addition to learning about floral bouquets, my brides got to meet a very dear friend of mine named, Lauren. Lauren taught the ladies a little about skincare and walked them through a DIY facial with Rodan + Fields products. While I am personally not a sales person, I always encourage my friends, family, and clients to use products that I love. I absolutely love the way R+F products make my skin look and feel, so I wanted to share this with my brides and their friends too.


I love nothing more (besides Coordinating) then coming up with playlists of music. I’ve done it for office holiday parties, parties hosted at my place, CDs for car trips, and of course any other time I get the opportunity. For my Pamper Party though, I decided to do something a little different. Since one of the reasons I was hosting this event was to showcase local vendors that I love, I decided to hire live musicians to come in and provide musical entertainment to my guests.

Paul & Frank Performing

Paul & Frank Performing

When my family moved to Clayton, NC in 2006 they moved next door to some really nice people. They met pretty quick and become friends fast. When I came to stay with my parents during the Summer of 2006, I met those neighbors and also befriended them. Shortly after, I learned that one of those neighbors named Paul was a Jazz Guitarist. Being someone who LOVES Jazz music, I started following Paul on Facebook and attempted to get out to see him perform. While looking for someone to hire for this event, Paul reached out to me and expressed interest. He was able to help me book a pianist too, Frank, who with Paul’s help created beautiful music for my attendees. The live Jazz was a great touch!

Photo Booth


Photo Booth Setup

For entertainment, I wanted to provide more then just live music to my guests. I have done a lot of networking this year, which has helped me to meet tons of wonderful and talented local vendors. Some time this Spring, one of my favorite Raleigh Wedding Officiant’s, Randy Taylor, introduced me to another local vendor named Bianca. Bianca owns and operates Triple T Entertainment, a photo booth company. In addition to one of my brides booking with Janice from Cary Florist, but I also had one of my other brides book with Bianca of Triple T Entertainment.

Massage Therapists to Pamper

Finally, I hosted the Pamper Party to give back to my clients. My goals for this event were for my attendees to learn something, network with brides and vendors, eat some snacks and sip on some summery beverages, enjoy live music, and just relax. To provide total relaxation to all my guests in attendance I hired two very good friends of mine that also happen to be massage therapists. They brought their chairs for chair massages, and one of them was even able to provide cards with future discounts for my guests.

Caprese Sliders

Next Pamper Party?

If time permits, I will more than likely be hosting another one of these events again in the Spring. If I do, what type of vendors would you like to see there? Would you want to participate in a more hands on floral workshop or try something different? Please let me know in the comments section below. Or, if you are a local vendor who would like to participate in upcoming Get Christine Pamper Parties, please send me a message!

All images featured in this post taken by Ryan Steffes of Mister Guy Photography.

Bridal Pamper Party – July, 28th

An Idea

I was out on a Saturday afternoon enjoying a much needed pedicure with my friend, Lauren (a Rodan + Fields Rep), when I realized something: a lot of my friends are event/service vendors. If you follow my blog, or know anything about me, you likely know that I LOVE to throw parties. As an event coordinator with less events on my calendar for the month of July, I knew I could remedy a lack of things to do by planning and hosting an incredibly fabulous event to showcase my vendor friends and wonderful services! I’m calling it a Bridal Pamper Party, but it almost feels like I’m hosting my own intimate sized wedding show, and spa day.

This Thursday July, 28th from 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm I will be hosting a Bridal Pamper Party at my home in North Raleigh. For just $22 a ticket, the Get-Christine Event Planning Bridal Pamper Party is offering an evening full of relaxing and fun services for any bride to be and her girl posse. Or hey, if you just got married but would still love a chance to mingle with other brides, their friends, and fabulous local wedding and event vendors, the more the merrier!

Pamper Yourself

To help melt away any wedding planning stress, I’ve lined up two licensed massage professionals to give 15-20 minute chair massages, live musicians to play guitar and piano, and a Rodan + Fields Sales Rep to lead DIY facials.

Have Fun and Learn Something

For some fun and maybe even a little learning, there will be a floral design workshop led by Cary Florist. Immediately following that, Lauren from Rodan + Fields will lead us through a facial with Rodan + Fields products. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention the Photo booth, provided by Triple T Entertainment. And what event would be complete without drinks and snacks?!

Treat Yo Self Girl 

Grab a ticket (treat yo self) and come on over for a night of socializing and kicking back (treat yo self) with your bridesmaids, moms, sisters and girlfriends. If you don’t have a guest to bring, come by and meet someone new and treat yo self!