Going Green in 2013

I’ve recently noticed green showing up all over the place in makeup magazines, bikinis, and nail color! I’ve noticed it so much that I decided I should probably find out why. PANTONE® has officially dubbed Emerald Green the color of the year! I am so excited to see this beautiful color start popping up everywhere, especially at weddings! According to PANTONE® the color is

“Lively. Radiant. Lush… A color of elegance and beauty that enhances our sense of well-being, balance and harmony.”

This is great news because we will be seeing much more elegant weddings this year, along with a more eclectic approach of combining the outdoors and natural beauty with more glamor and grace. And let’s not forget, LACE is extremely trendy right now too!Dessy Bridesmaid Style 2794

Now, I don’t know much about PANTONE®. I actually had to ask my fiance who or what they were! (Apparently I’ve been living under a rock.) So I don’t know how they go about deciding the color of the year or even when they make those decisions, but one has to think that the premiere of the new OZ movie this year might have had some influence.

Whatever the influence was, I am eager to see it being incorporated into weddings this year! I have actually heard from at least two brides recently that are planning on using green in their wedding. If I didn’t already have my colors picked out, I might even be tempted to use Emerald Green in my wedding and put my bridesmaids in it! greenshoes


Alicia and Me

Another wedding trend that I absolutely love is brides wearing colored shoes. I think the touch of color hiding under the dress is such a fabulous detail and really brings attention to the bride’s entire ensemble. Imagine how cute green colored heels would look with a shorter reception dress, if you picked one out. My sister was married in 2010 and her colors were green and purple. She chose to wear an ADORABLE pair of purple shoes under her super cute ball gown style wedding dress and I’ve been madly in love with the trend since. Alicia, my sister,  did also happen to be one of those brides that chose to wear a different shorter dress for her reception, probably to show off those super cute shoes. Too bad they probably spent more time getting passed around the bridal party than on her own feet!

Photo Source Mister Guy Photography

Photo Source Mister Guy Photography

Okay, we’ve covered the easy territory of dresses and shoes but what about favors and decorations? Well, as I’ve mentioned a few times, lace is super trendy this year. You can purchase colored lace and jazz up just about anything to create a simple yet beautiful decoration. You could wrap it around clear glass candle holders for centerpieces. OR if you opt out of a giant wedding cake and go with cupcakes instead, you could glue a little of the lace to the cupcake wrappers and give them a little character!

It may seem a little tough at first to use green as one of your wedding colors, but to me the possibilities are endless. If you need a little inspiration, check out Pinterest. There are plenty of Green wedding boards out there that you can get some great ideas from.

Dress Trends

I already wrote the post about wedding trends for 2013, but today I want to get a little more specific about current trends for the dress. There are many different things trending for dresses this year, so I will only cover a few of my favorites. I know I tend to write about wedding dresses a lot but that’s because I believe the dress is just about the most fun part of the whole wedding!! (Besides the actual wedding itself)


AP Photo/Martin Meissner

Lately, we’ve seen the more classic wedding dress looks coming back into play. Heading off that fashion statement, and heavily influencing many brides to do just the same; Kate Middleton. Kate may not be the only reason we’re seeing more classic wedding looks, but she’s definitely a major one. After the Royal wedding, lace wedding gowns began popping up everywhere. It’s been well over a year now since the wedding, but this is one trend that won’t be disappearing anytime soon. Lace is definitely one of the major trends for dresses this year and I’m very glad because it absolutely should be.



Style JH8312 Front

Lace gives a sophisticated and elegant look to anything it’s paired with. It can also be used to jazz up your decorations and maybe even your cake! And what better than a beautiful wedding gown with lace accents? The 2013 Jim Hjelm Spring collection has some really pretty lacy selections to choose from.


Style JH8312 Back

This elegant A-line bridal gown showcases the back with a beautiful lace opening and is one of my favorites from the Jim Hjelm spring line. It has a sweetheart neckline and is just as beautiful in the front as it is in the back.

The Jim Hjelm spring line has a few really good options whether you prefer a form-fitting dress or a ball gown type dress.


Style J8315 Back

Here’s another option with more of a ball gown style. It’s not only covered in lace, but along with the first dress, also showcases the bride’s back. It’s accentuated with an Ivory Moire ribbon that can be tied into a bow, and the front of this one, like the other, also has a very lacy and elegant look to it.


Style JH8315 Front

This look may be a little more racy for some because of the plunging neckline. It is covered with lace though, leaving a little more to the imagination, and I think, giving it a fabulous final touch.

Another dress trend I’m excited about that will pop up quite a bit this year,  as I’m sure you’ve already noticed, will be dresses with portrait backs.

Portrait Backs

Brides spend a lot of time with their backs to the guests, why shouldn’t the back of their dresses be just as detailed and magnificent as the front? Portrait back wedding dresses can be intricately detailed or as simple as a circular lace opening, like the first dress I talked about.  Either way, they really leave the guests with something to talk about.

Source: Southboundbride.come

Source: Southboundbride.com

Some women will try as hard as they can to find a dress that covers their tattoos, while there are also many women out there who are very proud of their ink and want to show it off on their big day. A portrait back dress would be great for any woman who finds themselves in the latter category. I personally don’t have any back tattoos, but I do know of a few ladies who have some beautiful art on their backs and am definitely going to suggest this to them!

The last trend I wanna talk about isn’t really one of my favorites, but it seems to be getting really popular right now so I figured I’d mention it.


I know what you’re thinking, color really?o-JUSTIN-TIMBERLAKE-JESSICA-BIEL-WEDDING-PHOTO-570 That’s the most unorthodox wedding trend I’ve ever heard of! Well, I completely agree with the fact that it’s unorthodox but to say it isn’t popular right now would be a lie. I haven’t heard of anyone personally yet, but it seems to be becoming a popular trend with celebrities at least. Jessica Biel got married last summer in a pink wedding gown and honestly, I think she looked amazing! There’s no getting around the fact that she is one gorgeous lady, but she also managed to pick a color that made her skin look radiant and as if she were glowing.

Cinderella-cinderella-7089589-774-1065Tradition or not, isn’t looking lovely on your big day extremely important to you? If so, why not try something different and pick a colored dress? Be daring, and pick a color that you know you look good in! I’d be a total liar if I didn’t even sort of imagine myself all dressed in blue like Cinderella on my wedding day.


2013 Wedding Trends

Every bride dreams of having the most amazing wedding ever, one that will leave her guests feeling both impressed and delighted. It’s that fairy tale wedding that she’s been dreaming about since she was a little girl. Every bride-to-be also worries that her wedding won’t be unique or stand out. As a result, these women think up new and crazy details for their weddings each year to top the previous year of bridal trends.  I did a little research on the 2013 trends and I’m really excited to share my results with you. I found results both from top wedding blogs as well as a few major Bridal websites.

Roaring Twenties

The Roaring Twenties will be a popular wedding theme in 2013 and it is a trend being seen all over the red carpet right now. The Spring release of The Great Gatsby and popular series Downtown Abbey are both inspiration for wedding fashion and wedding themes.

Getty Images

Source: Getty Images

What inspires women to host a Roaring Twenties themed wedding? The 1920’s were a fascinating time! It was the age of jazz, prohibition, and organized crime! More importantly it’s a fun and daring theme that makes a lasting impression. Can you think of the last time you got to step back in time while attending a wedding?

Neutral Tones

Brides are toning it down in the color department this year choosing more earthy and neutral colors. We’ll see more taupe, gray, and blush being used this season. The ‘less is more’ belief is being presented with these beautiful taupe and blush themed weddings.

Source: thefrazzledbride.com

Neutral tones can also really accentuate how beautiful the venue is, especially if the bride matched the bridesmaid dresses to the naturally and readily available flowers blooming at the venue. Imagine how pretty it would look to have blush colored bridesmaid dresses with beautiful pink rose bushes in the background. Or even taupe colored bridesmaid dresses in a courtyard or garden setting. Neutral tones look beautiful in nature.


Source: Katie Neal


Stemming from the whole Roaring Twenties theme, vintage and elegance are both on the forefront of wedding trends for 2013. Long gowns and black tie affairs will become the norm this year. As a result, lace will also be making a comeback and not just in the wedding gowns. Lace will be seen on dresses, invitations, cakes, and as decoration to create a simply beautiful and classic look. More sophisticated looks will lead to a more classy soiree overall. They lead to more crystal and glass decor on the tables, more cascading bouquets of flowers, and even some recycled vintage wedding attire.

Source: theeventfirm.ca

Source: theeventfirm.ca

Food Bars

This is one of my personal favorites of all the trends and I think it really does do a great job of setting your wedding apart from the others. I’ve seen them done in so many different ways and I really look forward to designing one of my own at my wedding some day. Some couples go with mini-treats and sweets such as tiny cupcakes and mini pies, and some go with cute salty snacks like a potato bar loaded with french fries, potato chips, and sweet potato fries. Depending on the theme of the wedding, some couples will even chose to have a candy bar set up. The possibilities are endless with this idea which is why I love it so much. Here is a list of the Top 15 best Wedding Food Bars I found while perusing the internet for ideas.

Source: imgfave.com

Source: imgfave.com

What trends will you try out at your wedding this year? Will you go with big flashy details or stick with the neutral toned down feel? Share your ideas and thoughts with me in the comments below!!